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Brake and Clutch Hydraulics

Delphi Lockheed has a reputation throughout the world for supplying only the highest quality braking components. A reputation that is essential when supplying safety critical components such as Hydraulics and Calipers.

Delphi offers a market leading "all makes" range of hydrualic components including hoses, master, wheel and slave cylinders.

Delphi Lockheed Wheel Cylinders

The most frequently replaced part of the hydraulic system is the wheel cylinder - this is nothing to do with the quality of the original part but is a reflection of the environment in which it operates and the role that it fulfuls.

With most modern braking systems, greater demand is placed on the front discs and calipers rather than on the rear braking system. Over a period of time this results in the natural deterioration of the seals and rubber boots, and consequently the wheel cylinder leaks.

Delphi Lockheed wheel cylinders, utilise the lastest seal designs and materials for extended product life and maximum braking performance.

Increasingly, vehicle manufacturers are specifying wheel cylinders with integral valves as original fitment. These give the vehicle manufcturers and advantage in terms of weight, cost and safety.

Delphi Lockheed Brake and Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders

At the heart of the braking system is the master cylinder. Again a safety critical part, all brake master cylinders on modern vehicles are of tandem design for added safety.

This is a precision engineered component, manufactured to the highest standards, on state of the art modern machining centres.

A comprehensive "all makes" range, designed and tested to be interchangeable with, and perform to, similar standards to Original Equipment.

Utilising the latest rubber technologies for seals and boots, for excellent performance, low friction and low wear characteristics.


Delphi Lockheed Brake & Clutch Hoses

Hoses may look simple but in fact they are one of the strongest parts of the braking system.

They have to contend with water, salt, road dirt and termpareture changes. Hoses have to move and twist millions of times during their lifetime, as the steering and suspension system keeps the vehicles on the road and gives the driver a comfortable ride.

Delphi Lockheed hoses are designed, construted and tested to withstand all of these extremes of weather and today's driving conditions. All hoses have to conform to SAEJ1401 International Standard. Delphi Lockheed hoses significantly exceed this standard.

At first sight, a brake hose appears to be a simple rubber tube. In reality it is a complex structure, engineered to withstand significant pressures well in excess of the vehicles maximum braking pressure. Our hoses consist of a number of layers. First there is the inner tube layer - made from a rubber compound. This is covered with two layers of braid to give additional strength to the structure. Then the hose is wrapped in a tough sheath of EPDM rubber to withstand the harshest of conditions. Brackets, armouring and end fittings are added, according to application to complete the hose.

Like all braking components, hoses are a safety critical item, that is why when it comes to replacement, it is vital that it is up to the job.

Play safe, be sure - Always fit Delphi Lockheed Hoses



Delphi has one of the widest ranges of E90 approved brake pads, shoes and brake discs available from a single source, resulting in friction products that perform to within plus or minus 15% of the original equipment specification.

With a range of nearly 800 pads and 400 shoes, every Delphi product is supplied in sealed, tamper evident packages, complete with unique E90 reference (where applicable) and comprehensive fitting instructions.

Brake Pads and Shoes - The benefits

  • O E derived materials and specification to match the braking performance of the original fitment.
  • "Green lining" performance ensures pads reach optimum braking performance as soon as they are fitted.
  • Specially formulated friction materials to reduce brake dust - providing cleaner wheels.
  • OE chamfering specification ensures swift bedding in and minimses noise.
  • OE grooving specification enhances performance in the wet and reduces aqua-planing.
  • Noise suppression shims, bolts, wear leads etc all matched to OE specification and performance.
  • Each pad is manufactured on state of the art machinery to maintain the high level of quality and excellent performance our customers expect from the Delphi Lockheed brand.

Fittings and Accessories

There are a number of different types of fitting accessories, they can be springs, clips, wear indicators or pins. These fittings vary according to the manufacturer. Some mechanics will re-use the old fittings when fitting new brake pads/shoes. This is not good practice because all of these fittings are made of metal.

During the lifetime of a set of brake pads/shoes the fittings are exposed to stresses, strains, moisture, salt and temperature variations which can fatigue the metal and cause the parts to lose tension or break all together. If a spring that holds a brake pad in position loses tension it could result in incorrect contact between the brake pad and the disc whilst braking. Incorrect contact can lead to premature wearing of both brake pads and discs

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